BIG Protection in a Tiny Chip

EMV chip technology adds layers of security against fraud and is virtually impossible to duplicate, making an already safe payment system even more secure

Peace of Mind

Your MasterCard debit card now features the additional secruity of an embedded microchip (also called an EMV Card or Chip). Your chip card comes with proven technology that is already in use around the world. This makes traveling internationally now even easier. Show it with confidence - at home and abroad - knowing that the chip in your card can help protect you from fraud.

"How do I use my chip card at a chip-enabled terminal?"


Insert your card “chip first” into the chip-enabled terminal. With chip transactions, your card remains in the terminal throughout your transaction.


Follow the prompts on the terminal and wait for the transaction to be processed. You may be required to enter your PIN to complete the transaction.


Remove the chip card after the transaction is approved and you are prompted to do so.

If a merchant’s terminal is not yet activated to accept chip cards, you can still swipe your card to pay! Depending on the merchant, you will either be prompted to sign for the transaction or to enter your PIN.


During 2017, all CTCU MasterCard debit cards will be reissued as EMV chip debit cards regardless of their current expiration date. Upon receipt of your new EMV chip card, please destroy your previous debit card.