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Car Buying Tips

  1. Determine your budget and overall ownership cost (i.e. insurance, maintenance and upkeep, protection services).
  2. Narrow your list to a few cars and do your research
    1. What is the vehicle worth
    2. What is your trade in worth (shop it around)
    3. Check the automaker websites and check the reliability record
    4. CARFAX
  3. Get Pre-approved prior to shopping around for a vehicle.
  4. Shop around and test drive several models. The end of the model year and end of the month is the best times to purchase.
  5. Negotiate the price you are willing to pay. With preapproval from CTCU you have the power and know how much flexibility you have to drive off in the vehicle you want.

Beat the Car Salesman

When you’re negotiating the price of a car, you already know it’s important to get the loan before shopping for a car, and to get it from CTCU. However, there are things you should (and shouldn’t) say to the salesman, and there are strategies that really do help you beat them at their own game. Whether you’re purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle, is a website that gives you all that insider information. Take a few minutes to read through it before buying your next car.