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CTCU Fee Schedules

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedules

General Fees

Fee TypeAccount Reconciliation
Fee Amount$30.00/Hour
Fee TypeAccount Research
Fee Amount$30.00/Hour
Fee TypeDeposit Item Return
Fee Amount$30.00/Item
Fee TypeFax (Incoming/Outgoing)
Fee Amount$5.00/Fax
Fee TypeMoney Order
Fee Amount$5.00/Money Order
Fee TypeInvalid Address
Fee Amount$10.00/Month
Fee TypeStatement Copy
Fee Amount$10.00/Copy
Fee TypeWire Transfer (Outgoing)
Fee Amount$35.00/Transfer
Fee TypeAccount History
Fee Amount$10.00/Page
Fee TypeCollateral
Fee Amount$10.00 Early Release or Substitution
Fee TypeCollection Items
Fee Amount$25.00
Fee TypeDuplicate Lien Release
Fee Amount$25.00
Fee TypeOfficial Credit Union Check
Fee Amount$5.00/Check
Fee TypeVerification of Deposit/Loan
Fee Amount$25.00/Check
Fee TypePayment Date Change Fee
Fee Amount$50.00/Change
Fee TypeDeclaration of Loss (Cashier's Check)
Fee Amount$30.00/Instance
Fee TypeNon-Member Check Cashing Fee
Fee Amount$10.00
Fee TypeLegal Process Fee (levy, holds, state, child support and other attachments)
Fee Amount$125.00/Instance
Fee TypeSkip-A-Payment (with promotion)
Fee Amount$50.00/Each with promotion
Fee TypeCheck Cashing - For Members with a Share account only, with a balance under $100.00
Fee Amount$2.00 or 5% whichever is greater, not to exceed $25.00
Fee TypePremium Share Draft - Service Charge
Fee Amount$8.00/Statement period if the minimum balance is not maintained
Fee TypeShare - Closed account
Fee Amount$20.00 if closed within 6 months of opening
Fee TypeChristmas Club Withdrawal Fee
Fee Amount$10/instance prior to November 1st
Fee Schedule effective as of July 1st, 2017. Revised October 2019.

Share Draft Account Fees

Fee TypeCheck/Share Draft Printing
Fee AmountPrices may vary depending upon style
Fee TypeStop Payment
Fee Amount$30.00/Request
Fee TypeOverdraft Protection Transfer
Fee Amount$8.00/Day occurrence
Fee TypeOverdraft Privilege (Courtesy Pay)
Fee Amount$30.00/Item
Fee TypeTemporary Checks
Fee Amount$8.00/Sheet
Fee TypeReturned Draft
Fee Amount$30.00/Item
Fee Schedule effective as of July 1st, 2017. Revised October 2019.

EFT Fees

Fee TypeCard Replacement
Fee Amount$10.00/Card
Fee Schedule effective as of July 1st, 2017. Revised October 2019.

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