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Fee Schedule

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Fee Schedule
Effective July 1 st, 2017
Title of Fee Fee Amount


Account Reconciliation $30.00/Hour
Account Research $30.00/Hour
Deposit Item Return $30.00/Item
Fax (Incoming/Outgoing) $5.00/Fax
Money Order $5.00/Money Order
Invalid Address $10.00/Month
Statement Copy $10.00/Copy
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $35.00/Transfer
Account History $10.00/Page
Collateral $10.00 Early Release or Substitution
Collection Items $25.00
Duplicate Lien Release $25.00
Official Credit Union Check $5.00/Check
Verification of Deposit/Loan $25.00/Check
Payment Date Change Fee $50.00/Change
Declaration of Loss (Cashier's Check) $30.00/instance
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $10.00
Legal Process Fee (levy, holds, state, child support and other attachments) $125.00/ instance
Skip-A-Payment (with promotion) $50.00/Each with promotion
Check Cashing - For Members with a Share account only, with a balance under $100.00 $2.00 or 5% whichever is greater, not to exceed $25.00
Premium Share Draft - Service Charge $8.00/Statement period if the minimum balance is not maintained
Share - Closed account $20.00 if closed within 6 months of opening
Christmas Club Withdrawal Fee $10/instance prior to November 1st


Check/Share Draft Printing Prices may vary depending upon style
Stop Payment $30.00/Request
Overdraft Protection Transfer $8.00/Day occurrence
Overdraft Privilege (Courtesy Pay) $30.00/Item
Temporary Checks $8.00/Sheet
Returned Draft $30.00/Item


Card Replacement $10.00/Card
Rev. 10/19