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CTCU Christmas Club Accounts

Christmas Club

Don't let the holidays sneak up on you!

Be prepared to share in the joy of giving by opening your Christmas Club savings account early.

What is a Christmas Club Account?

A Christmas Club account is a short-term account that allows you to set aside money for:

  • Gifts for your loved ones
  • Big family meals
  • Holiday travel
  • And more

By opening a Christmas Club account, you can prepare for the holiday season while still managing your finances. Having your holiday money in a separate account makes it easier to avoid touching those funds and set a budget for your holiday spending.

How do Christmas Club Accounts work?

  • All it takes is a minimum deposit of $20* to get started.
  • This account earns dividends at a 0.05% annual percentage rate and a 0.05% annual percentage yield.
  • The funds will be automatically transferred into your Regular Share Savings account on or after November 1. There is a $10 penalty for each early withdrawal prior to November 1 of each calendar year.

New Membership

Are you interested in opening a Christmas Club Account? CTCU membership starts by opening a regular share savings account with a minimum initial deposit of $20. Once you're a member, you have the option of opening other accounts, applying for loans, and taking advantage of all the other benefits of being a member of CTCU! If you have questions or need to know which forms of ID are needed for account opening, please call us at (903) 561-2603 or email us at

*Must have a Regular Share Savings Account.

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