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Thank you for checking out our site. If you are here, you have possibly encountered the CU Do Good crew. The CU DO Good crew is a group from CTCU or Cooperative Teachers Credit Union that are going throughout the Tyler area and performing random acts of kindness.

Now that you have seen our crew in action, WE WANT TO SEE YOU DOING GOOD in our community. Whether it’s through a group volunteer service, or just a nice thing for a complete stranger… We want to see it.

Step 1

Video yourself or someone else doing good in the community!

Step 2

Click on the link below and upload your video to our Facebook page.

On the week of August 17th, 3 videos will be selected at random and will be given the opportunity to select an organization or group of their choice for the crew to donate to or perform an act of kindness for.

For more videos of the CU Do Good crew performing random acts of kindness, check out our YouTube Channel. Feel free to share any of the footage on your social media pages to inspire others to do something good for the community and pay it forward.