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Group of friends wearing plaid shirts gathered around an outdoor grill filled with meat

Hosting a cookout on summer weekends is an excellent way to celebrate with friends and be a part of the community. Like any other party, though, hosting a cookout can get expensive. With summer vacations and college tuition payments right around the corner, it’s an important time to save as much as possible. Here are some handy tips to make your cookout the best it can be, on a budget.

Happy smiling mom cuddling young smiling girl putting coin into pink piggybank.

Are you a good saver? Is it easy to save money or is it tough?

Here are some simple tricks to help you save money. We talked to a few people here at CTCU to hear real life stories of how their parents taught them about money or how they teach their kids about money to hopefully help you have easier money discussions.

American coins in a clear glass mason jar up close in front of gray background

You Are the Owner

Unlike banks, which are owned by their stockholders, credit unions are owned by the members! Every member is an owner with an equal vote in the election of the credit union’s volunteer board of directors. Credit unions return earnings to their members in the form of lower rates on loans, higher dividends on savings, and fewer and lower service fees.

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