People Helping People

Cooperative Teachers Credit Union Sponsorships and Donations Guidelines.

In continuous demonstration of the credit union philosophy “people helping people,” Cooperative Teachers Credit Union supports charitable organizations in the communities where our members work and live. CTCU receives many solicitations for donations, volunteer support and community sponsorships. The following provides a guideline for how requests are considered. This assures that CTCU’s charitable, financial resources are used in a way that best serves the membership. These guidelines will not cover every possible request, special need or opportunity; therefore, CTCU may make exceptions in granting contributions or community sponsorships.

Sponsorship Philosophy

Cooperative Teachers Credit Union provides resources to charitable, educational, and civic outreach efforts that parallel our mission of financial literacy education, and directly supporting organizations that provide resources to the less fortunate in the communities we serve.

Sponsorship Focus

In order to be considered for funding, requests must fall into one of the following primary areas of focus:

  • Education
  • Teacher Recognition & Support
  • Financial Literacy
  • Additional Community Support

Preference will be given to requests that:

  • Are located within our market areas
  • Reflect the mission and values of CTCU
  • Are relevant to a majority of our membership
  • Fulfill a recognized need and benefit the community at large

How to apply for donations or sponsorships:

  • All request must be on an official CTCU application.
  • Applications can be submitted by filling out our online application.
  • Applications must be made 60 days in advance of funding.

You will be notified upon receipt of your application.

If your request meets the guidelines and will be considered for funding, your notification will include the date of the next scheduled Sponsorship Committee meeting.

A request for donation does not guarantee funding.

Upon approval of your request, you will be notified in writing at the address provided on the application.

The decision of the committee is final.

Questions? Call us, at 903-561-2603

Community Sponsorships

CTCU will consider sponsorships to civic, recreational or charity events, programs and publications located within our member service area. As a sponsor, CTCU expects to receive published advertising or public name recognition from the requesting organization or group.

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