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When you learn, teach. At our best, we are all teachers. - Maya Angelou

Financial Education

It is our belief that it's never too early to start teaching good financial habits. We're committed to educating our youth so they may grow up to be financially responsible adults, which is why we come out to different schools and organizations to teach financial skills to K-12 students. We teach from a variety of topics including money management, credit cards, loans, how different accounts work, and more.

However, we cannot do this alone! These conversations start with the people kids look up to — their parents, their mentors, their teachers. So, we've created a list of programs that are easy for teachers to implement in their classroom, and fun for the students! What's more, these materials are free for schools and community youth programs!

For more information on how to educate our youth, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Financial Education Resources
BIZKID$ - Grades 3-6
Games Lesson Plans The Show
Grades 8-12 / College
NEFE Modules and Worksheets
HSFP High School Financial Planning Program
CashCourse Real Life Money Guide
College / Adult
SAM Smart About Money
BANZAI! - College / Adult
Wellness Coaches
Savings Budgeting Borrowing and Credit

In the Media

Ross Barber CTCU Video Mary McLarry CTCU Video

Whether you're a farmer, caregiver, pediatrician, coach, or business owner - We Are All Teachers! Nominate your role model to receive a token of our appreciation thanks to our partnership with KETK!

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At-Home Educational Resources

We've put together a list of online resources that may be helpful in teaching your children from home.

Virtual Field Trips

How To Videos

Activites & Reading

Want to learn some quick tips for better money management?

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