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Super Saver Kids Club

Education isn't just about reading, writing and arithmetic. Being money-smart is important to your future, too! That's why, at CTCU, when you open a Youth Savings Account you are automatically added to our Super Saver Kids Club! This club is designed to help encourage kids to save, teach them the importance of saving, and to have some fun along the way.

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Open a Youth Savings Account & Become a Super Saver!

Must be age 12 or under

Account can be opened with just a $20.00 deposit*

Youth birth certificate and Social Security number are required

Parent/Guardian must be on the account

*Child must meet eligibility requirements. Account earns dividends of 0.80% Annual Percentage Rate with a 0.80% Annual Percentage Yield. Minimum balance of $100.00 to earn dividends.

Super Saver Kids Club Perks:

NEW MEMBERSHIP POWER PACK- Upon opening your account, you’ll receive a WELCOME POWER PACK filled with goodies and financial literacy information.

BIRTHDAY GIFTS- Super Savers will receive a special birthday letter and voucher for a free gift during their birthday month.

PUNCH CARDS- With each deposit of $5.00 or more, you’ll receive a “punch” on your card. After five deposits, you can cash in the card for a prize

SUPER DAY EVENTS- Watch for information on our “Super Days” featuring exciting financial activities, games and prizes

QUARTERLY COLORING CONTEST- Put your super coloring powers to work for the chance to win $10.00

Enter our current contest! FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION HERE!

Call us today about our Coverdell ESA (Educational Savings Account to give your children a head start toward future Education.