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Improving The Financial Health Of Our Members

We believe that providing financial education and resources to help overcome debt, budget money wisely and create peace-of-mind at retirement is key to the financial health and well-being of our members and our community. From onsite financial seminars and workshops to online classes and helpful links, we offer a variety of options for our members to gain financial insight.

On-Demand Classes

Available online for our members at all times, the 3 featured On-Demand courses are:

  • Budget Basics: Get Back on Track This online course teaches members how to navigate a budget, provides timely tips on handling money wisely – and helps those struggling to stretch their budget get back on track with a usable spending plan. (14 minutes) START CLASS NOW
  • On Track for Retirement: Tips for a Smooth Transition Designed to educate members on how to prepare for retirement in the real world – and provide strategies to help those with a cracked or broken retirement nest egg jumpstart their recovery immediately. (17 minutes) START CLASS NOW
  • Power Over Debt: Break the Debt Cycle Members get the tools and knowledge needed to avoid pitfalls, dig out of debt holes, take control and stay out! (15 minutes) START CLASS NOW