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Improving The Financial Health Of Our Members

We believe that providing financial education and resources to help overcome debt, budget money wisely and create peace-of-mind at retirement is key to the financial health and well-being of our members and our community. From onsite financial seminars and workshops to online classes and helpful links, we offer a variety of options for our members to gain financial insight.

CTCU Financial Education Courses

Want to learn some quick tips for better money management?

Click on any of the eBooks below for our complete guides!

More Member Education

  • Reality Fairs

    Click Here to learn more about our Reality Fairs and how CTCU can come out to your school or organization.

  • Programs

    We were started by teachers and are committed to doing right by them by providing presentations, curricula and other fun programs that can be used in or out of the classroom! Click here to find out more.