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Thing are Getting Real at CTCU

REAL convenience. REAL flexibility.
REAL Checking from CTCU!

A CTCU Real Checking Account is a great first checking account. With your REAL account, there are no checks to buy – you access your money with a debit card. The REAL debit card can be used at ATMs and anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. It’s faster and safer than using cash. Plus, with free online banking and email/text alerts, it’s easy to responsibly manage your checking account.


· No minimum or maximum balance

· Over 80,000 surcharge-free ATMs

· Easily manage money through mobile
and online banking

· Pay friends using mobile person-to-
person (P2P) tool

· No monthly service fee

· Free MasterCard debit card and
temporary checks each month**

· Free, real-time transfers between

· NCUA insured to at least $250,000

· Free E-Statements, emails and text
alerts (required with this account)

· Quarterly contest and perks for
actively using your account

· Free Financial Literacy Seminars and
online resources

· Annual (one-time) financial forgiveness
for NSF (“Oops” coupon***)

Hand on Financial experience


· Hands-on financial experience for
young adults

· Parental guidance

· Ability to set up automatic allowance

· Free online banking

· Opportunity to monitor/view all

· Ability to transfer money between
parent and student accounts

· Options that allow parents to control
daily spending limits

· Automatic notifications sent via text
alerts to parents if account reaches a
predetermined balance

· Optional Overdraft Protection from a
parent’s/guardian’s CTCU savings
account for unexpected overdrafts
and returned items

young teens


At the time of account opening, you must be at least 13 years old and not older than 18 years old. Upon reaching the age of 19, you must switch to an age-appropriate checking account. You are required to enroll in online banking, including E-Statements (electronic statements). You will not receive paper statements. You will be issued a debit card. You will not be issued paper checks. You are not allowed to obtain checks for this account, nor are you allowed to write checks against this account. Use of
this account is restricted to the primary account holder, who must be under the age of 19.


There is a $5 minimum balance requirement to open a CTCU REAL Checking Account, but there is no minimum balance to maintain this account.


There is no monthly service fee for this account.

This is a partial Fee Schedule. Please see your Master Agreement and Disclosure for the full list of fees.

* When the student reaches age 19, the CTCU REAL Checking Account will become a Regular Share Draft (Checking) Account.

** Temporary checks will only be issued upon request to a student with a parent/guardians (co-signers) permission

*** Earn an “Oops” coupon for successful completion of our Online Course.